September 2014 : Dot NZ domain names

A new series of domain names is due to be released on 30 September 2014. These are just '' - top-level domain names similar to '.com' domain names.

So, for instance, in addition to the domain name '' there will also be a domain name ''. The owner of the '' domain name will have preferential rights to register the equivalent '.nz' domain name if they desire to obtain it. However, if a domain has two different NZ domain names already registered, for instance '' and '', then there is no automatic priority for either existing domain name owner and both owners will be placed in a conflict resolution process which will probably result in them having to negotiate who will be allowed to purchase the '.nz' name (assuming either wants to purchase it).

You can read more about the process and check if you have preferential rights, at the domain commissioner's website:

The cost for us to register a '.nz' domain name for you is $30.00 + GST for one year. It is difficult to say whether it is necessary, or desirable, for you to purchase this additional domain name as a protection for your existing domain name and have it pointed to your website. However, it does seem possible that "scammers" could register these new domain names and hope to pick up web users who enter an incorrect URL in their web browser. I do intend to purchase '' for this business - just in case!